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SERIES: Once Upon a Time; August W. Booth
CANON POINT: end of 1.20 "The Stranger"; bumped to 1.22 "Land Without Magic"
AGE: 35
APPEARANCE: August stands at a little over six feet in height. He has dark hair and blue eyes, and has stubble on his face. He almost always is seen in leather or in a dark shirt, sometimes with a bandana around his neck. Visual aide


PERSONALITY: The most important thing to know about August is that he is a man of many contradictions. He is a believer and wants to help others see the light, yet he lies and gives vague answers that make it difficult for him to be trusted. He has traveled all over the world, yet he remains naïve. He is an incredibly hopeful person despite his fear of failing to convince Emma before the curse kills him. He is the type to be easily distracted and although he has good intentions, he doesn’t realize the consequences of his actions until he’s faced with them.

In his youth Pinocchio constantly struggled with distinguishing right from wrong. As a wooden puppet he didn’t have a conscience of his own so he was more inclined to be mischievous and uncaring. After becoming a real boy he continued to struggle. One thing that remained constant was his affection for Geppetto. He even sacrificed himself to save his father, and always worried about making the man proud. When he returned to Storybrooke he avoided Marco at first, unwilling to face the man after all the mistakes and broken promises. Yet in all his running August never let go of certain mementos from his father: the cap he wore as a child, the string that was used to move him as a puppet. He loves his father dearly and after facing his failure, he at last went to Marco to spend his final moments with the man.

Before going back to Storybrooke, August spent his life pursuing his human desires. There were many temptations out in the World Without Magic, and he gave into them rather than keep the promise he made to his father. He was all about instant gratification. Even after finally catching up with Emma years later, August never directly approached her and was soon out of her life and back to idling his time away. He was so focused on his own problems that he was willing to steal to get a "cure" for his reversion back to wood, and didn't even stop to question how the Dragon could have died.

Due to his nature of being a liar, August doesn’t form attachments with people very easily. That and his restless nature caused him to move around a lot during his twenty-eight years of traveling. He longed to experience everything he could in this world. There were many distractions in the world, and he let them sweep him up and keep him from Emma. His biggest thing was self-indulgence. August did whatever he wanted to do and didn’t think about the consequences. Over the years he turned into a selfish person who only looked out for himself. He was also a coward, first leaving Emma alone and then not facing her in person when he finally came back. The main reason he finally came to Storybrooke was because he was afraid of dying.

Despite his easygoing attitude, August truly does care about breaking the curse. He’s lived his whole life carrying the burden of the promise he made his father. When he finally does try to make good on that promise he becomes frustrated and desperate. He becomes so desperate, in fact, that he manipulates Gold into believing that August is his son Bae. This could be seen as an act of bravery, or just the act of a man with very little to lose. It’s a great struggle for August, especially knowing that it’s largely his own fault Emma is so mistrusting. August has carried a lot of guilt on his shoulders, both concerning Emma specifically and how he ran from his duty. He saw convincing Emma to believe as his last chance to make up for his mistakes. All August wanted was a chance to fix things.

August knew that his reversal back into a wooden puppet was his own fault. It was a visual representation of his failure to follow the Blue Fairy’s direction in being selfless, brave and true. August didn't think he could find redemption for all the wrong he caused over the years. Instead he continued to lie and manipulate up until the very end.

Initially August presents himself as a confident and mysterious man. He was playful, especially around Emma. He seemed to enjoy baiting her curiosity and making her want to step out in faith. Around Henry he was encouraging, revealing his belief in the book and letting Henry help in his plans for Gold. August was probably most honest around Neal, but even then he manipulated in order to get Emma back on her path. It’s difficult to tell how August honestly felt about any of them, though there was obviously genuine affection even as he kept himself at a distance.

Overall August genuinely wants to be a good person. The only problem with this is that he gets in his own way: running from his responsibilities, indulging in his human desires, giving into his nature. His nature calls him to be a lying, selfish coward but he has shown himself willing to sacrifice his own life to save the people he loves.

ABILITIES: skilled liar, familiar with mechanics and wood-working, sewing books together by hand

POSSESSIONS: At this point in canon, August only has the clothes on his back: a leather jacket, denim jeans, boots, leather gloves, dark shirt underneath and a bandana.

(The typewriter, donkey paperweight and hat were left in his hotel room. The motorcycle is wherever he parked it, thus why he doesn't have any of these items)

JOURNAL ENTRY SAMPLE: Dear Mun post 2.18
(and now a sample post in-game)
[the video shows August sitting on an empty crate somewhere on the ship. For not the first time, he pulls up his pant leg and takes a good look at his leg. Like he expects this time the results will be different, but no: it's still flesh. He lets out a short laugh and shakes his head]

I should've known it would take a big price for that to change. And for it to happen on a boat... That irony isn't lost on me.

So here I am. What am I supposed to do now? I really don't want to be stuck on this boat forever, even with this as the exchange.

[his eyes move to the compass. Maybe he knew it was recording the whole time, maybe not. As usual he gives nothing away]

Anyone watching, I'm open to ideas.

THIRD-PERSON SAMPLE: Body trembling, August shut himself in the bathroom, leaning heavily against the door as he tried catching his breath. There was never a time now when his leg wasn’t bothering him with its random bursts of pain. Before the pain was a dull ache, annoying but bearable. It seemed to him that since coming back to Storybrooke the pain spiked; he could feel his flesh peeling away to become wood. One leg was already entirely changed back into wood with the other not far behind. And every lie he told made it spread faster. August didn’t have much longer.

All this he could’ve accepted if he still weren’t so selfish and cowardly. It took a lot of bravery to face death, and that was something August simply didn’t possess. He no longer had the option of the magical escape he desperately sought with the Dragon. The only thing he could hold onto was the faint hope that maybe he could help Emma break this curse before it killed him.

It wasn’t looking good: she didn’t believe, didn’t want to believe. And August knew that was his fault, too. He was the one who abandoned her as a baby, avoided her as she grew, and sent away the man she loved. He made her mistrusting and suspicious, ever the skeptic. Even now he couldn’t come clean about everything.

He was a liar; it was just in his nature. He couldn’t help it and he couldn’t stop it. But he had to keep trying anyway. It took almost thirty years for him to finally get around to it, but August needed to make good on his promise to his father.

Maybe he was already too late, but what other choice did he have? August squeezed his eyes shut, taking a few more deep breaths before letting his face relax again so he could face the town with his usual easy smile.