Mar. 25th, 2037 04:14 pm
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How's my driving? I am an extremely self-conscious RPer so please go gentle on crit.

IC Contact

Mar. 25th, 2036 04:13 pm
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Hey, you reached August W. Booth. Looks like I just missed your call, but if you wanna leave your name I'll give you a ring when I come back.
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Bold=what the muse can do

bake a cake from scratch | ride a horse | drive a submarine | speak a second language | dance | catch a fish | play an instrument | throw a punch | build a deck | ice skate | unclog a drain | program a computer | change a flat tire | fire a gun | sew | juggle | play poker | paint | fly a kite | sculpt | write poetry | change a diaper | sing | shoot a bow and arrow | ride a bike | swim | sail a boat | do a backflip | play chess | give cpr | pitch a tent | flirt | stitch a wound | read palms | use chopsticks | write in cursive/calligraphy | use an electric drill | braid hair | make a campfire | make a mixed drink | do sudoku puzzles | wrap a gift | give a good massage | jump-start a car | roll their tongue | magic tricks | yoga | tie a tie | skip a rock | shuffle a deck of cards | read morse code | pick a lock
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NAME: Kacey
AGE: June 1985, currently 31
CONTACT: seraphjewel at gmail or plurk

NAME: August W. Booth
CANON: Once Upon a Time (TV)
CANON POINT: 4.21 "Operation Mongoose Pt 1" after helping the gang in the Sorcerer's mansion
GENDER: male for both mental and physical
AGE: 35ish. That time spent as a kid kind of throws him off a bit, hehe

BACKGROUND: August's page
SUITABILITY: August has spent most of his life on his own, so he's fully capable of handling that as well as finding food and a job. While he won't be on board right away with being forced into intimacy because of free will and all that, he would go along with it fairly quickly. He spent most of his life indulging in whatever he wanted, so he is a roll-with-it kind of guy.

FIT: August is the type of guy who is completely fine with intimacy with no emotional attachment. He's also pretty friendly and can get along with just about anybody. Job-wise, he would be good in the game as a handyman or mechanic or possibly writer. He would also be a good go-to partner for others who want a fling or just help with the collar. What can I say, he's trying to be more selfless :P

ORIENTATION: August does flirt a little with Ruby and has had at least one sexual partner (a woman), so it could be inferred from there that he's heterosexual. However, a lot of what he says and does is a lie, so it's a bit harder to take those actions at face value. It actually would be more accurate to say "unknown".

SAMPLES: <-a log from a past game. Shows him interacting with a few people and a bonus intimacy thread ;)

ANYTHING ELSE? Nope. August doesn't have any special powers and apart from the necklace made from his puppet strings, he doesn't really have any possessions he'd want


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